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The Save The World Project
"Protecting the world's environment, one person & one business at a time."

Today we all face a great challenge. The use of fossil fuels to create electricity and power cars, trucks and planes has begun to impact the global climate. Without immediate action, many scientists predict climate change may soon cause major crop losses and lack of drinking water throughout the world.

Our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren now depend upon each of us taking immediate action to stop climate change. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but it isn't. Stopping climate change is a simple problem that each of us has the ability to solve.

Many people look to governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations to solve our environmental problems. In reality, however, no organization or government can stop climate change, only individuals can. Each of us has the ability to make minor changes to our own lives that can have a rapid and positive impact on the global environment.

You will learn hundreds of ways you can make a difference when the Save The World Organization makes its complete debut on this website later this year. For now, please click here to learn a few ways you can begin to make a difference today.

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